WOW!! What a day!!!

Our Grand Opening was a HUGE success yesterday!  We had an opportunity to see old friends again – and to make new ones as well.

Huge thanks go to our presenters yesterday Nick Danger  and Tantric Francher. I hadn’t seen Nick in quite some time and it was good to see he had modded his traffic light project for the Raspberry Pi. This project has been through several revs and each one has been at the forefront of the DIY scene at that particular moment in time. We didn’t get to see any pictures from his Land Rover project but we hope to real soon!


It’s always a pleasure to see Tantric Francher, the NYC Chapter President of The Open Organisation of Lockpicers ( He’s a great guy and gives a great presentation. As usual, he was a hit and people loved playing with the tools he left for us to experiment with. I think a couple of people are hooked!


And thanks to Bill Saturno of CT Hackerspace for coming out. Bill easily has the best makerspace in the state and his words of encouragement are valuable to a growing group like ours.


And thanks to all who attended! It was great meeting all of you. Our calendar is starting to fill up.  So stay tuned to the Web site to see when the next event is.