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Friday Night Slime

Kids everywhere have been caught up in the slime-making craze that’s sweeping the nation. My 11 year-old daughter has  been making buckets of slime lately – and she wants to share what she’s learned!

On Friday, November 10th at 6 pm, come by our space and we’ll have everything you need to make your own batch of slime. So come on down and have a slimy good time!

*A $10 donation would be appreciated (to help us keep the lights on).

Our Neighbor has the BEST Ice Cream!!!

Our new home address at 425 Fairfield Avenue has so many interesting businesses! What’s probably my favorite is Longford’s Ice Cream.

I don’t know what it is – but they make the best I’ve ever tasted!

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t something you eat if you’re on a diet. But these guys are 10 times better than Ben and Jerry’s – or any other well-known brand.

Most of their clients are commercial accounts – or restaurants in the area. But they do offer their products to the general public. Just visit their office at 425 Fairfield Avenue between 1 and 4 pm weekdays and you can buy a quart of their ice cream for just $6.

Sometimes, they even have sales, where you can buy 2 Quarts or $6!!! That’s what happened last weekend. I got the following:

  • Oreo Bomb
  • Mud Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Coconut chocolate chip (tastes like an almond joy)

They even gave me a free coffee mug!!!!

For the holiday season, they are also producing ice cream cakes and pies!!

You just have to try this stuff to understand how good it is!!!

Box Project Club – Halloween

In the very first meeting of the Box Project Club, we’ll build something that will scare the daylights out of trick-or-treaters, when they arrive on your porch this Halloween.

They’ll come to your house looking for candy, like they do every year – but they’ll get a little more than a “trick” from your pumpkin. It will work something like this, except we’ll be providing our own special “twist.”

You’ll learn how to program and wire an Arduino to accept input from a distance sensor and control a servo and a sound card.

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to make the neighborhood bully run off into the night – scared out of his mind. Even better, you can video the whole thing and post it to Youtube!

Students should  bring their own carved (and hollowed-out) pumpkin – but we’ll provide the rest.

**All proceeds will go towards supporting our mission – to bring unique STEM educational opportunities to the Stamford area. Last day to sign up is October 15th (so we can order the materials).

Reserve your space by visiting this page.

Ferguson Library MakeFest

We had a great time meeting a whole bunch of people at the Ferguson Library MakeFest on Saturday (16th)! More than ever, the people of Stamford are electrified about what they can accomplish with their own two hands – and a little bit of brain power.

A lot of people also expressed interest in our upcoming Box Project series. My advice to you is reserve your space as soon as possible, because spaces are going to go quick.

Ron and Mayoral Candidate Talk Biking Issues

Rippowam Labs’ very own Ron Morse led Stamford Mayoral Candidate Barry Michelson on a bike ride through the city streets last week. Ron is a huge advocate for bikers and the ride left Michelson with no choice but to experience what its like to get around Stamford on two wheels.

The event received national attention via everyone’s favorite biking blog

Will Michelson’s Democratic opponent, David Martin, take a ride with Ron as well?

Perfect shorts:  A machine sewing project for guys and gals.

The perfect pants also make the perfect shorts.  Ron Morse will help you convert your pair of well-loved (but possibly frayed) pants into the perfect shorts that are just the length you want.  This is a simple project, so we can also show you around a sewing machine if needed.   We have machines and thread to use, or you can bring your own.  You may also want to bring an existing pair of shorts for length reference.
The class will take place Sunday August 27th at 1 pm at our space – 425 Fairfield Avenue in Stamford.

Robot Dance Party

The students in this week’s robot class had a blast  coding their bots for a dance competition this morning.

These guys are really getting the hang of using code to control DC motors. Very Proud!!!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to our Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening party was a huge success! Thanks go out to so many who made the day special!!

It never gets old watching people be amazed while listening to Rick Francher share his lockpicking knowledge. More than a few times I saw jaws drop as people picked their first lock!! Thanks for sharing your time, Rick!!!

Thanks to Bill Saturno, the founder of CT Hackerspace in Watertown for attending. He runs the best makerspace in CT and we appreciate him sharing his knowledge!

And thanks to everyone who showed up: the Broecking family, Bryce Fortran and girlfirend, Anne Friedman, the incomparable Lyda Ruyter, Stamford City Rep (and Majority Leader) Elaine Mitchell and Albina.

Special thanks goes to Ron Morse and my wife Dani for pulling the party together!!!! Here are some pictures …

NCC Robot Week

I would have to say that this was a personal best. During the last week, I was able to teach 27 students how to build and program an autonomous robot!

It all went down at Norwalk Community College College for Kids program in the last week of June. I had a morning class made of students ranging in age of 7 to 14.  Then I taught an afternoon class of High School kids.

The sheer numbers of students was not the biggest challenge I faced. It was a late order of robot parts from Amazon that really tried my lesson plan. Just about half of my kits were not delivered on time – and I had to scramble to offer value-added info to my high school students. It actually all worked out anyway – I was able to give them a more detailed explanation of common programming constructs (loops, if-then statements, arrays, etc.) . They actually left with more skills to continue building out their bots in the future.

Here’s one of my afternoon students demonstrating his bot …