Besides organizing the Makerspace, John is involved in a wide range of projects. Here’s a few …
This is my electric skateboard, which can travel as fast as 20 mph. You can control it with an Android app and a bluetooth sensor. It really flies!!!

This is an autonomous obstacle-avoiding robot john build, using an Arduino and a couple of HC-SR04 distance sensors.

This is an LED bike helmet. It throws off a crazy amount of light, which is great for biking in the mornings and evenings from September to March. The LED strip is controlled by a microcontroller and changes colors, to ensure maximum visiblity.


AndI didn’t forget an LED product for those who are running or walking at night. It’s way better than your standard reflective belt.


This is a solar cellphone charger he created. He designed the PCB himself using Eagle. You can leave this on your dashboard while at work. When you’re out, you have more than enough juice to recharged your cellphone.

solar cell phone charger

Here is a web site he built that shows all publicly available Stamford, CT,  police incidents on a Google Map. (Best seen in using the chrome browser.) It uses PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and AJAX to present the data on the map.


This is a small run of the PCBs he created for the mini FM Transmitter class we recently held.



John is also an avid gardener. In 2014, he had 30 tomato plants, 6 pepper plants, 6 egg plant plants, string beans, onions, radishes, potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, , zuchinni, cucumber, squash and 3 different kinds of Kale.

This is my garden about a month after planting. I do most of my growing in pots I get at the dump (or from a friend who runs a landscaping business.
These kale plants were great. They are about waist high and I picked off them for salads and juicing beginning in July all the way to October
This is an heirloom kale that was particularly tasty in salads. I didn’t have to buy greens all summer. It was great!




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