The kids at Custer Street had a GREAT time with the Yankees Rugby Champions

IMG_20160721_185111175_HDRI don’t when I was more proud of the Fairfield Yankees. Was it the day they won the National Championship? Or was it last night at the Custer St. housing project in Stamford? AJ O’Mahoney, Carl Rohde, Christian Arciuolo, Matt Leonard and Matt Parry took time out of their busy schedules to come down and introduce kids to the greatest sport in the world. These fine young men – and the entire world – should know that them showing up with their National Championship medals was a HUGE deal to these kids. The kids loved it!!! At one point, Matt Parry and AJ each had three kids climbing all over them. I wish I got a picture of the time when all the kids tried to tackle Christian. “Did you see that? All of us couldn’t take down that big guy with the beard.” one kid said said to his friend as he ran home after the event.
The kids will be talking about this one for quite some time.
Here are some pictures I have – but there will be more coming.IMG_20160721_175410252 IMG_20160721_175427613