Electric Skateboard is ready for the public

This summer’s tech camps for teens are starting to shape up fast!

I put the finishing touches on the prototype electric skateboard and it came out great. I wasn’t prepared for how fast or quick these could be and I’ve already wiped out a couple of times. But I did manage a wipe-out-free trip to Lowes over the weekend … and it was a lot of fun!!

These boards can go up to 20 miles an hour  (I got faster than that going down this hill near my house) but can stop in just a few short feet with a built-in braking mechanism. You can literally program these features right into the board!

More information on our slate of Summer classes will be available soon. If you can’t wait to reserve a space, e-mail me here. But in the meantime, enjoy this video of me accelerating the wheels on my board!!!