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Franklin Street Works – Stamford’s Hidden Gem!


A couple of us were walking down Franklin St., heading to our space when we noticed  a couple of signs and some flags beckoning us into a row house. We opened the door to Franklin Street Works and what we say totally blew our mind! This place has  a full gallery, showcasing works of art from all around the world. I’m told they have four different shows a year.

On top of this, the place has a full-service cafe, serving tasty sandwiches, along with a whole lunch menu.  Erin, the manager, said the cafe will open their outdoor patio this spring, so patrons can enjoy the outdoors along with their food. They also serve beer! Who knew?!!! You gotta check this place out!!! We’re definitely going back!!!  Oh, Erin makes awesome cakes too!!!!!


An Awesome Class on Resumes on Cover Letters

Thanks to Abby White for presenting a stupendous class on Resumes and Cover Letters last night. Abby is a recruiter for Robert Half and literally looks at thousands of these a day. She shared secrets on how to help us stand our from the crowd. If anyone is looking for a new gig, you should really contact Abby for help and advice. She really knows the game and understands what its like being on the other side of the interviewer’s table.

Bike to Work Week Stamford May 11-15

peoplefriendlystamfordThe city of Stamford, in cooperation with the Downtown Special Services District and People Friendly Stamford, will be hosting its annual bike-to-work event. But instead of just being a single day of events – they’ve gone and scheduled a whole WEEK of ’em! This all goes down May 11 – 15th … more details coming.

We just got word this morning that the Stamford YMCA will be offering their shower facilities for FREE to all bike commuters. Moreover, the Y is considering creating a special 4-month membership specifically to those who bike to Stamford.

The enthusiasm is growing!  Join the party!!



Bike Tune-Up Class

Mike Norris shared his wisdom Saturday (3/28) in our Bike Tune-Up Class. This guy knows it all! He carried everything he needed for the class (including a bike stand and tool box) in his nifty bike trailer.

mikesbike Here he shows how to adjust the limit screws on a back derailleur.

mikederailer2 Check out Mike’s blog at DIYBIKING.COM

You’re going to thank me for this one …

One of our members at Rippowam Labs is currently a student at a Massage Therapy school in Mt. Kisco. They are looking for people to come in and get massages, so the students have someone to practice on!

More information is forthcoming … but let me know if you’re interested. These kinds of offers don’t come around often, so if you’ve got any interest at all, contact me now so I can reserve your spot.


Fix-It Night Projects

People came from all over Stamford for the Fix-It Night held earlier this week. Some of the items dropped off were a CD player, an espresso machine, a sewing machine and some hair dryers. Thanks to everyone for their participation. All of these require extra parts or more work. We will be in contact with each of you when the items are fixed.