Teen Tech Academy 2018

Our lineup of Summer Tech Classes for 2018 is bigger and better than ever! These are easily the coolest tech classes ever offered in Fairfield County!!!

The dates, times and prices will be determined soon but here is the lineup as we see it now …

Autonomous Boat BuildRobots are changing the world on land and sea! In this class, students will build  their own boat that will be powered by 2  separate 14 volt motors – and guided by GPS.  Students will learn how to wire, power and program a system that will guide their boats from Stamford Cove Island Park to Pear Tree Point in Darien. This is a great lesson on batteries, DC Motors, microcontrollers and GPS sensors. Its also a great summer project  that will be sure to impress college admissions reps. *Note: this is a 40-hour class that will run 8 am to 5 pm.  Students can build their own boat – or participate in the building of another boat (lower price).

Cell phone hacking camp – It’s no secret. We’ve become totally dependent on our cell phones.  It seems there isn’t a moment of the day when we want to pick them up and stare at the screen.

But did you know that most phones are riddled with security flaws?

We’ll not only instruct students on how to lock down Android devices from outside intruders but  we’ll also show them how easy it is to gain access to devices owned by others.

Students will learn the basics of the UNIX operating system  (Kali) – and  they’ll also create  Android apps  (Java/Kotliln) that can be used for white-hat hacking  initiatives.  *Note: No experience necessary but students must promise that they will not use their knowledge to violate  any laws.

Self-balancing robot – This is a new twist on an old favorite . We’ll build a 2-wheeled self-balancing robot that will use a distance sensor to navigate  an obstacle course.  New students  and those who’ve taken our Intro to Robotics classes in the past can learn something new in this week-long class . Students will get a complete  tour of the Arduino microcontroller – and the coding  structures  (loops, if-else statements) needed to control it .

Industrial Arts Reboot – The baby boomer generation was blessed to have Industrial Arts classes offered when they were in schools. Much to their detriment, millenials have not been offered this same opportunity.  Students in this class will learn about the tools and techniques of wood and metal working. They’ll learn how to use hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, soldering irons, welding  torches, drills and saws to fabricate two separate projects. It’s depressing that so few kids these days lack these basic skills – but this 40-hour class will get them up to speed.

Electric Skateboard Build – Students will be cruising in the fast lane after learning to build and  program this cool project, which can go 22 mph and travel up to 10 miles between charges. Besides soldering this beast together, they will also write two programs – one that will be flashed on the microntroller (which  will manage the speed of the wheels); and another for a smartphone app that will control the microcontroller (via Bluetooth).  We’ve brought this one back from last year but at a lower price (thanks to a new supplier)!!

Note: all summer tech classes can be taken at any time of the year, via our after-school tutoring program.

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