Electric Skateboard Academy 2017

This will probably be one of the most unique learning opportunity offered to Fairfield County Teens in quite some time. After completing  this one-week  class, students will not only walk away with a sidewalk rocket that can go 22 mph, they will also learn to write the code that will control it. 

The core components  of this kit are from diyelectricskateboard.com. But we will be throwing in an Arduino and a Bluetooth module into the mix. Students will learn the finer points of writing code in the Processing language … this will control how fast the wheels spin – and how it stops.   Then, students will have to write Java code to create an Android app, which will control the Arduino from a cellphone.

The kit we’ve chosen has a single motor – but students will have an opportunity to order the dual-motor kit as well. We’ll teach students how to build and code both kits.

This will be a week-long class, where parents can drop their Teens off in the morning before work and pick them up after.  Lunch is provided!!

No experience in computer programming, electronics or skateboards is necessary. And all students are guaranteed to leave with a working skateboard. **Note: We have a laptop or two to lend but its better if students bring their own. This way they are set up to tackle future projects on their own.

This board will not only impress their friends but it will also serve as a launchpad for future DIY projects. The skills they learn in this class can be used again and again in future Arduino and Android projects. It can also help them in future classwork at school.

Students will learn about:

  • Microcontrollers
  • Coding for Arduino
  • Java programming for Android
  • Bluetooth technology
  • DC motor theory
  • Battery theory

This class will be held July 10 – 15.

Reserve your spot today  via PayPal payment link below

**Final day/time to register is June 30th at midnight

**All monies will be refunded (less PayPal fees) if class is canceled for any reason.

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