Android App Academy 2017

We spend way too much of our lives on our smartphones. From checking out Facebook and e-mail to seeing what Trump has Tweeted, we should probably all get a life.

But instead of just being a consumer of cellphone apps, why don’t you become a producer?There’s no reason you can’t create an app your friends will spend their entire afternoons tuning into.

To this end, Rippowam Labs is offering a week-long Android App class. By end of this intensive study, students will have written 5 separate apps – and published them all to the Google Play store.

No experience is necessary but students are expected to be able to get around a computer and navigate Web sites and apps.  **Note: We have a laptop or two to lend but its better if students bring their own. This way they are set up to tackle future projects on their own.

We’ll begin by installing the Android Studio environment and taking a tour of useful controls and toolsets available to coders.  From there, we will show students how to implement coding contructs into their coding (loops, arrays, if/else statements, etc.).

After that, it will be off to the races. We’ll show students how to create cool apps that use GPS, Bluetooth and Cloud APIs. Wouldn’t it be great to know your friends whereabouts at anytime of the day or night?

This class will be held August 7 – 11.

Reserve your spot via PayPal …

**Final day/time to register is August 6 at midnight

**All monies will be refunded (less PayPal fees) if class is canceled for any reason.

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