Thanks to everyone who showed up to our Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening party was a huge success! Thanks go out to so many who made the day special!!

It never gets old watching people be amazed while listening to Rick Francher share his lockpicking knowledge. More than a few times I saw jaws drop as people picked their first lock!! Thanks for sharing your time, Rick!!!

Thanks to Bill Saturno, the founder of CT Hackerspace in Watertown for attending. He runs the best makerspace in CT and we appreciate him sharing his knowledge!

And thanks to everyone who showed up: the Broecking family, Bryce Fortran and girlfirend, Anne Friedman, the incomparable Lyda Ruyter, Stamford City Rep (and Majority Leader) Elaine Mitchell and Albina.

Special thanks goes to Ron Morse and my wife Dani for pulling the party together!!!! Here are some pictures …