Rippowam Labs Has a New Home

We’ve been promising a big announcement – and here it is … Rippowam Labs has a new home!!

We started moving into our new space at 425 Fairfield Avenue (2nd Floor – Suite 4211) over the weekend and we’ve already started planning our calendar of activities.

The place is slightly smaller than the place we had on Summer Street – but the best part about this new place is that we don’t have to worry about getting anything dirty!

This building is one of the few remaining industrial buildings left in Stamford (all the others have been converted into high-priced condos). It has concrete floors, high ceilings and this cool old elevator you operate with a hand crank.

The building is actually full of activity! On the first floor, the Stamford Fencing Center is the area mecca for people who want to learn how to fight with swords. Longford’s Ice Cream is also there (they sell wholesale to the public M-F from 2 to 4 PM).

Then there is Tim Eaton”s Decorative Painting and Restoration. This guy is an expert in restoring old pieces of art and furniture.

We’ll be cleaning up the space over the coming weeks and making it as friendly as possible for the area Maker community.  In a few weeks, we were hoping to have a Grand Opening party (but we are still hashing out the date [probably a Saturday]).

Here are some more pics …

Here is Ron making sure his Oscilloscope works in the new place.

Here are a couple of the many local businesses in our building.

In any case, we hope to see you in the new space soon!

PS The map to getting to the space is on our home page.