Grand Opening set for Sunday 11/23 at 3 PM

Our new makerspace at 482 Summer Street in Stamford will be open to the public on Sunday 11/23 at 3pm. This is the day of Stamford’s holiday parade (an extra 100,000 people will be in town), so maybe leave a little earlier to get there.

There will be lockpicking demonstrations from members of Tantric Francher has taught many newbies how to pick locks and you’ll learn that you can do it too.


Also on hand will be UNIX Admin Extraordinaire Nick Danger. He will give a presentation on his latest Raspberry Pi project. Hopefully he’ll also have time to talk about his Range Rover, a car he brought back from the deal with his own two hands.


We’ll also have more information on future classes.

The parade actually goes right past our building, so feel free to come early and bring the kids.



Mini FM Transmitter

We were having some trouble with one of the Mini FM Transmitters we created in a little class. After a little troubleshooting, we discovered we had the polarity of electret microphone reversed. These two guys (Corey and Bob) were key in troubleshooting all possible issues before discovering the real problem.

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