Northeast Community Cycles – A great organization!!

Ron and I had the great opportunity to volunteer at Northeast Community Cycles last night.

In case you’ve never heard of them, this group provides safe, refurbished bicycles free of charge to underprivileged children and adults in Fairfield County, CT.  Since they started operating, they’ve given out over 3,000 bikes!!!

They have a huge workshop in Glenbrook with “the most ultimate set of tools.” They get donations from all over Fairfield County and a talented bunch of volunteers fix them up and give them away.

I felt kind of weird walking in there, in the sense that I am certainly no expert bike mechanic like Ron. But I do know some things and, after getting advice from Ron and the crew there, I was able to get a bike all ready for donation.  I hope to up my game next week.

If I can help, so can you! If anyone wants to join us next Thursday night, contact me here.

It was really crazy. I didn’t know these guys existed until last Sunday. Ron and I were scouting out new places for the Makerspace and we saw their sign. We just had to give them a call.